The Sweetmakers of Rajasthan

The Sweetmakers of Rajasthan

If you haven’t been lucky enough to experience Indian sweets before – imagine the most sticky, sweet, unctuous and indulgent little morsel – then triple it. We’ve always been fans of the Indian sweet: seriously complex but incredibly cheap, the perfect accompaniment to a spicy meal or long train journey.

As we made our way through a seemingly never ending array of types and tastes we had often contemplated: “how do they make this stuff?” When we lived in in the blue city of Jodhpur Rajasthan in 2011 & 2012 we found the answer at our doorstep.

In our adopted home of Jodhpur we lived in a beautiful 350 year old haveli (family palace) in the old city right in the middle of Sarafa Bazaar.

Sarafa Bazaar has been a bustling jewelery trading district for centuries, but happily for us it is also renowned as a centre for Rajasthani confectionery merchants & sweet makers. Wandering through the narrow alleyways of the Bazaar, firmly off the tourist trail, we discovered dozens of specialist “mithai-wallahs” siting in gloomy rooms lit only by the glow of the huge fire under vigorously boiling pots of sugar concoctions. I’ve included some portraits of the mithai- wallahs as captured by Francisco on his walks through the Bazaar.


Boys rolling pasty to make into fried Kachoris.

_MG_2714 sweet maker

Sweets are cooked in large pans on open fires along the narrow sweets

Unlike in other parts of India, Rajasthani sweets can be savoured either before, during or after a meal. We enjoyed one memorable lunch with a local Marwari family where the patriarch happily minced a sticky sweet Gulab Jamun into a spicy lentil curry by hand and urged us to taste the output. I had to agree it was delicious.

While most of their creations are sent to sweet-shop outposts around Rajasthan the mithai-wallahs often slipped us a sly sample or two to munch on our travels through the Bazaar. Some of our must-try Rajasthani sweets are:


Malai Ghewar- a crunchy disc-shaped honeycomb concoction made from oil, sugar and flour and covered with a creamy icing laced with pistachio and saffron. The best we tried was from a small shop opposite our house in Sarafa Bazaar named Moojji Ki Hotel.

Photo 2013-10-25 14-37

Makhani Lassi – this delicious and ridiculously sweet mixture of rich cream and curd is thick enough to stand a spoon in. The most famous can be found at Shri Mishrilal Hotel near the Jodhpur Clock Tower bazaar.


Mava Kachori – a specialty of Jodhpur, these crispy deep-fried kachoris (puffed dough) are stuffed with dried fruit and spices and then coated in a kachorisugar syrup. Especially in demand during holi festival at the beginning of Spring.














You can sample all these tastes and explore off-the-beaten track Jodhpur as part of our 16 day North India Adventure tour departing this November.

Contact us for more details!


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