About Us

Hi, we’re Francisco and Chloe – founding partners of Latitude22.

We definitely have a case of itchy feet for India – we’ve been exploring India since 1987. Since then we’ve travelled North, South, East and West on high repeat and spent periods of time living in both South India (Kerala) and North India (Jodhpur, Rajasthan). We’re now happily settled in a village in Goa on the western coast of India. In 2008 & 2009 we circumnavigated the Subcontinent by land- travelling 30,000km by bus, train, rickshaw & foot.

Latitude22 was born when we finally embraced the niggling back-ground commentary that has peppered our Indian travels. If we had a rupee for every time we heard the longing phrase “I’ve always wanted to go to India but don’t know where to start” we’d have enough for a year’s supply of samosas. And we love samosa. So in 2011, Latitude22 was officially launched. We chose the name Latitude22 because its the line of latitude which travels through India – which is exactly what we are about.

Until early 2014 we juggled busy corporate lives with extended periods of adventure travel – but as our time in India eclipsed our time in London we quickly realised this was the place we should be year-round. Now we happily spend 365 days a year living on the ground in India.

Without a doubt our most ambitious adventure has been raising our seven year old identical twin girls who travel with us everywhere (except on our guided tours, of course). Already adventurous little souls, as one year olds they backpacked with us around South East Asia for a year (watch for our family-friendly tours of India coming soon!).

When it comes to travel we definitely prefer to linger – the “rent a house, stay a few months, meet some people, see what happens” approach has favoured us with brilliant memories, unique experiences and a thriving network of firm friends across Asia. It’s these connections and discoveries we can now share with you on a Latitude22 tour.

We hope to adventure with you soon!

Chloe & Francisco

Meet our team:

Francisco – your guide:

An intrepid traveller, I love the spirit of adventure! From whizzing through unexplored backstreets in India, to travelling to remote villages and working with those less fortunate, I am passionate about living an adventurous life.

I love to see the wonder in people’s eyes when they travel with me and experience a ‘different world’. For me, this is the true essence of travel and building memories that last a lifetime.

As a travel photographer, India is a dream destination for capturing beautiful memories on film and I find myself getting lost in many amazing moments.

I have a special bond with India through my Indian heritage and I call this home – I am part Goan and part Irish.

Contact me on francisco@latitude22travel.com

Chloe – your planner:

I’m a self-confessed Indiaphile: I harbour a steadfast obsession with Indian food, music, language and film. I eat, sleep and dream India.
For me, India is about vibrancy and adventure – there is simply never a dull moment in electrifying India.

I adore travelling but luckily for my role as tour planner I experience vicarious kicks from planning other people’s adventures too.

I can speak, read and write conversational Hindi.

In my past life I was a Management Consultant for more than 15 years in global consulting corporations in NZ, Australia and the UK – see more about my less interesting side here: Linkedin

Contact me on chloe@latitude22travel.com

Testimonials :

It’s a fun and fulfilling experience and definitely worth it. I loved it and I ended up going for 3 tours.
Monique, Holland, 2015
I am in my 60’s and have had several trips with Latitude22 since 2009. I cannot praise them enough for the experiences I have had in India.
Christine, New Zealand, 2012
Amazing experience, showing the vibrant Indian everyday life. Real life. With the respect and love to the local people. The best experience you can have in Goa!
Kate, Poland, 2015
You showed us a side of India that tourists do not usually see: we met local families, ate local food, visited a remote village & school, walked old areas of the cities where tourists don’t go
Lilian, New Zealand, 2017
Simply superb. Francisco points out so many colours, characters and smells that you would likely otherwise miss and ensures you get to see everything! This tour was a life highlight.
Evan, New Zealand, 2015
Worth every second! Highlights were interacting with the locals and being up close and personal with the vendors at the market. Francisco was great!
Allanah, New Zealand, 2015
Awesome experience! As a single female traveller, I felt safe with Francisco and he even knew some of the stall holders so it was neat to be able to chat with them. I would recommend to ...
Emma, New Zealand, 2016
What an amazing tour! It was great to get off the beaten track and experience the real India.
Emma, New Zealand, 2013
I had a fabulously interesting tour. Francisco has a real strength in how he is able to engage the locals and show visitors the real India.
Steve, London, 2015
Thank you for the most amazing experience of my life. Your planning, attention to detail and tour guide skills are exceptional. I look forward to my next adventure!
Andy, United Kingdom, 2013
I have toured South India in 2012 and North India in 2014. Both trips were awesome and I was able to experience a part of India not usually experienced by tourists.
Paul, New Zealand, 2014
Thank you guys for giving me a memorable experience that I will never forget. See you again in 2016.
Sara, Australia, 2014
You guys rock! You continue to be the biggest reminder of the true India: your empathy with the poor is unbelievable & a lesson to us all & the reason we have the amazing memories.
Mike and Carolyn, United Kingdom, 2013
Excellent photography training and sightseeing tour. Francisco was superb. Strongly recommend the trip.
Rolise, India, 2015
I think that Francisco can safely say “mission accomplished” as the spirit of India is now in all of us. We all learned a lot.
Kevin, France, 2013
You took us to places we would have never been to! Being welcomed into families’ homes and drinking chai with the locals is something I will remember for a long time.
Sam, New Zealand, 2016
We loved this tour so much we also got Francisco to take us out for a whole day to explore some other amazing places in Goa, which we wouldn’t have found ourselves.
Rakesh, London, 2015
Francisco gave generously of his time to make sure I had a wonderful Indian experience. Thank you.
Ruth, New Zealand, 2015
As a keen photographer I was able to get amazing shots of the people of India. Thank you Francisco for showing me the respectful way to photograph people.
Raymond, New Zealand, 2014